Your editor

Jenny Garden has worked as a copy and content editor for more than twenty-five years. She offers you all the skills of an excellent English-language writer and copy editor: 

 ability to communicate clearly, concisely, and colorfully
 proficiency in English grammar, syntax, and punctuation 
• meticulous attention to detail 
 understanding of a variety of terminologies, including business, scientific,   medical, legal, musical, and theatrical 
 comprehension of French, Italian, and Spanish
 familiarity with Microsoft Word, including all editing tools 
 facility in use of the Chicago Manual of Style, the Associated Press Stylebook, the Canadian Style, and the Oxford Style Manual  

Jenny will maintain your individual style and intent. Are you looking for assistance with development of your writing project? Jenny will help your ideas blossom on the page. And at your request, she can offer fresh approaches with original writing.  

She has edited both manually and online for US and international writers, as well as writers for whom English is a second language (ESL). 

With imagination and intuition, Jenny has injected consistency, clarity, correctness, and flair into nonfiction and fiction manuscripts, magazine articles, newsletters, brochures, advertising copy, catalogs, and web text. A copy editor who will not only do a superior job for you, she also knows how to work toward a deadline to deliver on time

Jenny would be delighted to help upgrade your next project, large or small, or your next presentation—any kind of copy that needs to be the best. 

A graduate of Northwestern University, Jenny Garden is also a member of the Authors Guild. 


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